Hi Sophie
What can I say but thank you for an awesome challenge. I was so pleased to be part of it and to have accomplished it although I had a few doubts at times.
You have a superb team who were helpful and cheerful the whole time.
I wish you well in everything you do you are an inspiration.
Thank you
— Rob
Hi Sophie,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the best cycling experience of my life to date.

Your organisation and sentiment made it a really unique ride that would be hard to replicate. I loved all the personal touches and it was an honour to ride with you.

I was so emotional on the eurostar this morning when I was on my own and had a chance to fathom what I had just done. I am now in a much more confident place for the half ironman next month.

Lots of love and thanks for your unwavering support


— Lorna North, Queen of the Mile
Thanks for everything!!!
Can’t quite believe we did it especially in such great time and such lousy weather. But was very grateful for all the support of the crew and luckily after breakfast partnered with three others which kept all our spirits up.
— Stu
Thank you again for putting so much time and energy into making L2P24 what it was. An unforgettable weekend that has made me stronger – both mentally and physically.
— Kitty PP, Rapha
Thank you for organising the trip and working hard at what you do. I met some great people, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thought it ran pretty smoothly for the inaugural event. From my little experience, I think that encouraging people into these sort of challenges is truly amazing as they can be so empowering. People need a little more adventure in their lives, so keep on doing what you’re doing!
— David Haywood
I will never forget the hugs from you, Charley and the Cycle Friendly team when we finally reached the end. It was so needed and also incredibly touching. Having people there that knew and appreciated in such a real way what we had been through to get there helped make the moment even more special.

Days later, I’m still quite stunned by the whole thing. It feels like it was a dream but we actually did this thing! It showed me that my body is capable of so much more than I think it is sometimes and that is an amazing gift. I don’t quite know how to get across how thankful I am and grateful I am to you for making this happen and everyone else who helped along the way.
— Donna Marsh
Thank you so much for organising such a great event to such high standards and with a constant beaming smile!

You are a real inspiration Sophie - so great to see a girl leading the way and getting so many others to achieve a dream!
— Wendy